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Good.. Better.. Best.. Excel Your Skill

Knowledge and skill enhancement is continuous process of any profession. We strive for it and help the professionals to achieve it by means of our world class training sessions. Our training model is outstanding and appreciated by many doctors and paramedical staff. We provide following trainings to healthcare professionals and general public.

  • Laser Training Program:- We organize world class training program for Laser for proctology, varicose vein (EVLT), Cosmetic Gynecology. This is live surgical operative training where participants gets trained on anatomy, physiology, surgical skill and laser machine parts. Systematic approach to Laser surgery has helped thousands of doctors to treat patients well and pass the benefits of Laser to millions of patients.
  • Disinfection Training:- We train microbiologists on recent trending concept of disinfection and innovative products. Hospital staff is also being trained on use and applications of variety of hospital disinfectants. We create awareness about many diseases and its management within hospital. Our team of expert speakers are working round the clock to create a health and hygienic environment for doctors, staff and patients.
  • IVF Training:- We have state of the art IVF Lab to train the Gyn doctors and Embryologists on IUI, IVF & ICSI. We have excellent and experience doctor's team who will take you through step by step approach towards treatment of infertility.
  • Public Awareness:- Focusing on current trending health topic and giving lectures to common public and creating more awareness about it, is the main structure of our public awareness model. Eminent doctors and innovative method of teaching is unique features of all our training sessions.
  • Training calendar is published on time to time, so as to plan the training as per learner's convenience.
  • We have excellent training staff and cooperative team to support you round the clock.
  • We have association with “Center Of Excellence” for training on Laser, Hospital Disinfection, Critical Care IVF.